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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Answers Here!

Are you interested in learning how Aurora Volunteer Fire Department can protect our city from fire-related accidents and other emergency situations? If you have any questions about services provided by the station, if you would like to schedule a visit, or if you have any other doubts, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.

When Are The Monthly Meetings And Drills?

The Fire Department meets multiple times throughout the month.

  • Please reach out if you want specific times

What Do I Need To Do To Become A Volunteer?

In order to become a volunteer you need to attend a meeting to see if it is right for you. If you still decide to become a member, you have to return to see if you get voted in by the current members. 

How Does Aurora Volunteer Fire Department Get Income?

The fire department is solely volunteer and is able to offer aid and care to those in need completely free of charge. The department relies on donations and fundraisers to get new equipment, rigs, and needed supplies to continue to respond and offer assistance to the village. 

On Average, How Many Calls Does Aurora Respond To Annually?

As a Department, we respond to approximately 150 calls per year for village residence such as yourself, your loved ones, and your neighbors. Within the past few years we are proud to annouce that the department has successfully gotten a crew out for every single call.

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