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About Us

Meet The Heroes That Are Dedicated To Help You!

The AVFD is made up of your friends and neighbors in and around the village of Aurora. Our members have varied careers, beliefs and experience. Some travel extensively for their careers, others attend Wells college. Some followed in a family member's footsteps and some joined through a recruitment campaign. We have retired members and members who are in College. Our common thread is a desire to help out in an emergency situation and, when the siren blows, drop whatever we are doing and come to your aid.

Our current roster includes:

  • Ronald Jones (Life Member)

  • Theon Parseghian (Chief)

  • James Balloni (Assistant Chief)


    Sarah Homick (President, EMT)

  • Ethan MacCormick (Vice President, EMT)

  • Katharine Chase (Treasurer, EMT)

  • Abbie Bertonica (Secretary)

  • Frank Zimdahl (Captain)

  • Mark Bailey (Captain)

  • Ann Balloni (Captain, EMT)

  • Edward Heslop (EMT-CC)

  • Alexis Huff (EMT)

  • Anthony Westmiller (EMT)

  • Kenneth Zabriskie (Safety)

  • Kevin Murphy (Life Member)

  • Jeremy Yann

  • Mike Nolan 

  • Allison Murphy

  • Max Wood

  • John Gans

  • Max Homick

  • Mack Mattingly

  • Bailey Hamm

  • Sabrina He

  • Janelle Smalls

  • Saoirse Murphy-Collins

  • Brad Brokaw

  • Cara Miller

  • Tammie Martin

  • Scott Martin

  • Caitlyn Potter

  • April Washburn

  • Alexis Searle

  • Vanessa Wing

  • Victor Daye II

  • Login Abudalla

  • Isabella Ciancio

  • Julia Barnwell

Life Members:

  • David Brooks 

  • James Bailey 

  • James Chase 

  • Ken Kabelac

  • Thomas Vawter 

  • Frank Piechuta 

  • Richard Bradley Jr. 

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